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All varieties are made with Midwest grapes and fruit.

Norton Label
Profile: Dry Red Grape Wine.
A dry full bodied red varietal aged on French oak. Our Norton conveys spicy notes with a smooth finish. Norton is great with a nice steak!
Vignoles Label
Profile: Semi-Sweet White Grape Wine.
Typically customers tell us they detect peaches, melon, and banana in the aroma. A lite bodied fruity wine that balances the sugars with acidity.
Peach Label
Profile: Semi-Sweet White Peach Wine.
We select only the best peaches from the hills of Calhoun county, Illinois. Just like the peaches of Calhoun, this light bodied crisp and juicy wine will win your taste buds over!

Bob White Label
Bob White
Profile: Sweet White Grape Wine.
The winery’s best seller! A taste of Bob White is like eating grapes straight off the vine. Truly an exquisite wine for any sweet wine drinker, when chilled this wine is perfection.
Blush Label
Profile: Sweet Blush Grape Wine.
Our blush is a crisp wine with flavors of passion fruit and berries.
Hunter Red Label
Hunter Red
Profile: Sweet Red Grape Wine.
Aged on oak for three months, this smooth red conveys a sweet concord taste with undertones of cedar and a semi dry finish.

Apple Label
Profile: Semi-Sweet White Apple Wine.
Made with Granny Smith apples, it has the taste of eating a fresh green apple picked right off the tree.
Pear Label
Profile: Sweet White Pear Wine.
Made with barlett pear, this wine is smooth and clean.
Wine Blues Label
Wine Blues
Profile: Sweet Red Fruit Wine.
A blend of blueberry and blackberry wine.

Cherry Label
Profile: Sweet Red Cherry Wine.
It smells and tastes like cherry pie.


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