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Hopewell Winery now offers customized wine labels for your special event. For only $1 a bottle get a label that has your name, event, event date and specialized graphic. Give your personlized bottles out at weddings, birthdays, corporate events, holidays and more. Minimum order of 12 bottles required.

Placing your order is simple. Provide us with pictures and a little information. We create a label proof that you approve. A customized wine is born.

  1. Contact Hopewell Winery by visiting our contact page, sending a private message through facebook, or calling us at 217-285-2759.

  2. Tell us the type of wine you are looking for. Is the wine dry, semi, sweet, red, or white. We will pair your desired tastes with one of our bottles.

  3. Send a photo or a couple of photos that we can apply to the label. Offer an event summary and we can provide a back label at no additional costs. If you don’t have a picture then no worries. Tell us about your event and we’ll come up with a label that closely matches the event.

  4. Talk about your event. Try to be descriptive. Include information about the people, place, date, time, or websites that provides more information.

  5. Do you have a deadline? We need to know when you need the customized wine.

  6. Ok, now let us get to work. We’ll put together one or more label proofs. After the proofs are finished then they are sent off via email for your final approval.

  7. It’s time to make a payment and assembly your order.

  8. Pick up your wine or have us deliver it to you.


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